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How to shop for a health plan/ how to look at coverages:

Many clients keep telling us we don’t get anything for our coverage or why bother purchasing a plan when I don’t get anything for it anymore. It is true that benefits seem to be reduced every year, deductibles, co-pays and maximum out of pocket cost keep rising but ask yourself how can I get the most out of my coverage. It might be time to look at health coverage like we do our auto coverage as not what I can get out of it but rather in a big event I want to make sure I have the best coverage possible.

Every plan must cover the essential health benefits the same that means no matter what plan preventive benefits are covered the same. So how do I reduce my costs?

Ask yourself what benefits are most important to you? How often do you need to see your primary care provider? Do I need to see a specialist? Do I need prescription coverage?

The key number to look at is the maximum out of pocket as this is where your liability ends on all your covered expenses. If you never see a doctor except for annual visits, why pay for unlimited visits. Does a silver level plan have the same max out of pocket as a bronze; ask do I really need to pay more. A suggestion would be to invest the savings in an accident/ critical illness policy to cover any expenses related to your health event. This vastly improves coverage and can eliminate out of pocket cost, leaving you in a better position.